FIT Eye Serum 20ml


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FIT ultra-light energising eye serum refreshes, repairs and revives tired eyes.

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Reduces the appearance of under eye bags, dark circles and puffiness 

• Reduces the appearance of fine lines 

• Hydrates, soothes and cools the skin


FIT ultra-light energising eye serum refreshes, repairs and revives tired eyes. The high tech formula uses a highly effective combination of active ingredients to control issues around the eye area. Acetyl Tetrapeptide 5 (a peptide) reduces the appearance of eye bags, dark circles and fine lines. Hyaluronic acid super hydrates the skin and cucumber extract reduces puffiness, soothes and cools. OXY-FIT-10 fuels skin cell regeneration and accelerates repair.



• Lightweight & rapidly absorbed serum for intense daily hydration 

• Protects & refreshes skin 

• Repairs fine lines, mattifies and tones 

• Minimises irritation and reduces blemishes 

• Promotes cell renewal and improves skin elasticity 

Scientifically formulated for daily use FIT moisturising ultra serum uses the most advanced ingredients to intensely hydrate the skin. The lightweight ultra serum molecules are quickly absorbed deep into the skin to act faster and work for longer than regular cream. Packed with premium quality, high performance, active ingredients to repair, protect and refresh your skin. Amino acids (peptides) hydrate, tone and aid damage repair. Botanical extracts reduce the appearance of and help to repair fine lines. Caffeine reduces the appearance of dark circles & puffiness under eyes. Hyaluronic acid delivers intense hydration. 

The serum is also packed with vitamins A, E and four types of vitamin B. In combination they treat uneven skin tones, blemishes and help to minimise irritation. They also prevent excess oil production and protect from environmental pollution. The serum uses OXY-FIT-10 technology, our unique oxygen delivery system to recharge & stimulates the skins natural repair mechanisms.

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