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    Der Kartenprotektor von Secrid erlaubt es Ihnen, bis zu sechs Ihrer wichtigsten Karten sowie Ihr Geld, Ihre Banknoten und Ihre Visitenkarten einzuordnen und zu schützen.

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    Northskull is a london based fashion brand sharply focused on jewellery & Accessories. Founded in 2009 by Davron Christian & Jordan Forbes both with backgrounds in the fashion industry decided to collaborate on a project that would take the Jewelry industry by storm. At northskull we strive to create unique design led jewellery and accessories that set itself apart from the norm, The high quality materials we use combined with the research that goes into constructing all of our pieces make our collections durable and long lasting while the imagination of our design team & uniquely talented hand sculptors make our collections eye catching and give our products a look that is instantly recognisable as Northskull creation. Many different cultures believe we can honor and enhance the attributes of something by giving it directional energies. "North" brings Adaptability, creativity, new growth, wisdom and infinite possibility to anything it is associated with. We wanted to bring those energies to our products, by using all of these attributes in our creation process. Our insignia arrow logo represents north on the compass, infusing all of that positive energy in one symbol.

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